Marzia Brianza

Marzia Brianza

Marzia Brianza graduated at the State University of Milan with a doctoral thesis in Comparative Private International Law titled “A.D.R. – Alternative Dispute Resolution – in Family Context”, discussed with Professor Antonio Gambaro and concerning the mediation techniques in Family Law and minors protection legislation in the Italian and English Systems.

Marzia carried out her legal training in Milan and passed the Bar Examination in the District of the local Court of Appeal, being admitted to practice in Italy in 2006.

Always interested in Labour Law, Marzia Brianza started to cooperate with the Law Firm of Polizzi Guarizo and Associates – specialized in assisting the Trade Unions, accruing a relevant Court experience in labour litigation.

In June 2012 Marzia entered the Law Firm of Morpurgo and Associates, with the aim to extend her professional experience in Labour Law from the employer perspective, assisting large, medium and small businesses, as well as cooperatives and managers.

Since November 2013, she cooperates with the Law Firm of Beccaria e Capurro, where she has reached her professional maturity.

Marzia Brianza has a deep expertise in the management of all the legal issues concerning employment and agency relationships, both in a consultancy and in a litigation perspective.

Marzia has a remarkable practical sense in her professional approach, and she is a skilled negotiator, as well as an effective Court Lawyer.

Marzia Brianza is a member of AGI – Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani, the National Association of Labour Law Lawyers, since 2015.

Languages: Italian and English.