The Law Firm of Beccaria e Capurro was established by Isabella Beccaria in 1977.

During its evolution the Firm has developed an innovative and original working method, in which the strictest professional accuracy is merged with a client oriented approach. The attention devoted to the needs of the clients and the knowledge of their necessities, together with a rigorous methodology, became the key success factors of the Firm, starting from the sector of Labour Law, an aria that just during the seventies and the eighties was in rapid and problematic evolution in Italy.

The Firm has progressively sided its Labour Law practice with other sectors of activity, amongst which the Commercial Law. In 2002 the Firm became a partnership under the denomination Studio Legale Associato Beccaria e Capurro, and it is now in condition to provide an integrated service of legal assistance for enterprises, capable to efficiently face issues concerning Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Industrial Law, Civil Litigation before Courts of Law and Arbitration Panels, as well as to provide legal advice on a wide range of matters.

Always faithful to its values, and developing an innovative and original working method, in forty years of activity the Law Firm of Beccaria e Capurro has been capable to build solid relationships with a great number of companies belonging to national and foreign Groups, enjoying their lasting trust.