Angelo Beretta

Angelo Beretta graduated at the State University of Insubria with a doctoral thesis in Labour Law (“Safety at Work in Public Employment”) with Professor Franco Scarpelli.

After earning a First Level Master in “IT Systems for the Management of Revenues by Local and Regional Public Authorities” at the State University of Insubria, Angelo Beretta started his legal training within the Labour Law Department of Beccaria e Capurro and passed the Bar Examination in the District of the Court of Appeal of Milan, being admitted to practice in Italy in 2006.

Angelo Beretta has always operated in the Labour Law sector becoming an expert in the field and an experienced Court Lawyers, having argued hundreds of cases before the Courts of Law of the entire Country. During his activity Angelo assisted several national and international Groups in reorganization procedures (M&A, sales of going business and collective dismissals of workers), also providing advice on a wide range of issues concerning Labour Law and the legal management of personnel, in direct contact with the client and with operational reediness.

Angelo is a skilful negotiator and also assists top Managers and Directors in the hiring and termination stage of their working relationship, always carefully considering the objectives and the strategy pursued by the clients.

Angelo Beretta became Junior Partner of the Law Firm of Beccaria e Capurro in May 2013.

Angelo Beretta cooperated with the Labour Law Department of the State University of Insubria as Tutor and Supervisor of doctoral thesis (2001/2005), and with the “Rivista Critica del Diritto del Lavoro” (Critical Review of Labour Law) (2003/2012), He is a member of AGI – Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani, the National Association of Labour Law Lawyers, since 2012.

Languages: Italian and English.

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