Large businesses and National and International Groups

The Firm provides legal assistance to large businesses, as well as to national and international Groups.

The Firm has a deep knowledge of the organizational and operational features of large enterprises, as well as a wide experience of their legal labour problems in all the relevant aspects. The Firm is used to operate within the strict time constraints and the multi-level decision making process that characterise the operational approach of large companies and multinational Groups (with the necessary involvement of the headquarter in the latter case).

The Firm is also in condition to provide legal training at the offices of its clients, based on their specific requirements.

The main services provided by the Firm are:

  • Assistance in the hiring procedures (drafting of employment agreements, post employment non compete covenants, etc.);
  • Drafting of internal procedures, guidelines, regulations;
  • Negotiation of Collective Labour Agreements;
  • Consultancy on employment welfare;
  • Smart working agreements;
  • Consultancy on health and safety at work, and on the relevant employer liabilities;
  • Assistance in the disciplinary procedures, both at arbitral and judicial level;
  • Consultancy on retribution structures;
  • Consultancy on incentive plans and stock option plans (stock option, stock purchase, stock grant, restricted share units, phantom stock option);
  • Consultancy on processing of employees’ personal data;
  • Assistance and consultancy on individual and collective dismissal;
  • Assistance in redundancy procedures;
  • Assistance in industrial relationships with the Trade Unions also in relation to reorganization procedures (mergers, spin off, sales and leases of going business, etc.) and ancillary activities related thereto (labour due diligence, etc.);
  • Assistance and consultancy as to personnel seconded in Italy and abroad;
  • drafting of cooperation agreements with self employed workers and assistance in the management of such working relationships;
  • Assistance and consultancy in drafting agency agreements and in the management of networks of agents in the territory;
  • Assistance in inspection procedures promoted by the Public Authorities also at administrative and judicial level;
  • Assistance in the opposition procedure against the proceedings promoted by the Public Authorities for the collection of social contributions;
  • Court Assistance over the entire national territory.