Alessia Capella

Alessia Capella

Alessia Capella started her working experience in 2007 as Assistant to the HR Director of Ahlstrom Turin S.p.A., where she acquired her first experience in the management of personnel, unemployment benefits and collective dismissal of workers.

Alessia graduated Magna cum Laude at the State University of Turin with a doctoral thesis in Labour Law (“Safety at Work in National and EU Law”) with Professor Massimo Roccella in 2008.

After the legal training carried out at the Law Firm of Bausardo-Gili in Turin, she passed the Bar Examination in the District of the Court of Appeal of Turin, being admitted to practice in Italy in 2013.

Determined to face a more challenging Labour Law environment, in 2014 Alessia moved to Milan, starting to cooperate with the Law Firm Scaramella.

In 2015 Alessia attended the Business School Meliusform in Milan, getting an Executive Master in Personnel Management and Labour Consultancy.

Since December 2015, Alessia has cooperated with the Law Firm of Beccaria e Capurro.

Determination, commitment, accuracy and goal achievement are the constant feature of her professional approach, which is always characterized by an acute legal sensibility in the analysis of the most complicated legal problems.

Alessia Capella has also carried out teaching activity holding courses in Civil and Labour Law.

Languages: Italian and English.