Managers and Directors

The Firm provides legal assistance to managers both in the hiring and termination stage of their working relationship with their employer, assisting them both in judicial and arbitral proceedings.

The Firm also assists and advises Directors of companies, whose position is made often sensitive by the interaction existing between the corporate and labour legislation, an interaction that operates both at a substantial and procedural  level.

The main services provided by the Firm are:


  • Assistance in the hiring procedures (drafting of employment agreements, minimum duration clauses, “golden parachute” provisions in case of termination);
  • Assistance in case of disciplinary procedures;
  • Assistance in case of change of job tasks and job position;
  • Consultancy on incentives plans and stock option plans (stock option, stock purchase, stock grant, restricted share units, phantom stock option);
  • Assistance during the termination stage of the employment relationship.


  • Assistance and advice to directors in relation to the various aspects and liability concerning their office (duties, responsibilities, compensation, etc.);
  • Assistance in case of litigations concerning liabilities for violation of the office’s duties.