Medium and small businesses

The Firm provides legal assistance to medium and small businesses, that forms the basic structure of the Economy of our Country. The dimensions and the often peculiar entrepreneurial culture which characterise this kind of businesses require a very customized legal approach, capable to understand the specific features of each client and to build a fiduciary relationship, based on the dialogue and understanding of the client’s needs. [continue]

Large businesses and National and International Groups

The Firm provides legal assistance to large businesses, as well as to national and international Groups. The Firm has a deep knowledge of the organizational and operational features of large enterprises, as well as a wide experience of their legal labour problems in all the relevant aspects. The  Firm is used to operate within the strict time constraints and the multi-level decision making process that characterise the operational approach of large companies and multinational Groups (with the necessary involvement of the headquarter in the latter case). The Firm is also in condition to provide legal training at the offices of its clients, based on their specific requirements. [continue]

Managers and Directors

The Firm provides legal assistance to managers both in the hiring and termination stage of their working relationship with their employer, assisting them both in judicial and arbitral proceedings. The Firm also assists and advises Directors of companies, whose position is made often sensitive by the interaction existing between the corporate and labour legislation, an interaction that operates both at a substantial and procedural level. [continue]