Manuel Capurro

After graduation at the State University of Milan (110/110) with a doctoral thesis in Constitutional Law with Professor Valerio Onida future President of the Italian Constitutional Court, and after a working experience in Great Britain, to fine tune his English, Manuel Capurro completed his training and passed the Bar Examination in the District of the Court of Appeal of Milan (first in his Commission), being admitted to practice in Italy in 2001. He is a member of the Milan Bar.

During his professional activity Manuel Capurro has advised and assisted several national and international Groups, focusing on Commercial Law, Corporate Law, International Law and Industrial Law.

Manuel has developed a relevant expertise in contractual matters in relation to acquisitions, joint ventures, construction agreements, service agreements, project financing, licence agreement, distribution agreements, personal and real guarantees, as well as in real estate developments.

Over the years Manuel Capurro has followed several corporate operations (mergers, spin-off, sales and leases of going business), as well as joint ventures (also through the incorporation of companies and consortiums, and the negotiation of the relevant shareholders’ agreements). Manuel assists clients in routine corporate matters such as the organization of Board meetings, shareholders’ meetings and all the relevant ancillary activities. Furthermore, he has a wide experience in national and international tax matters, as well as accountancy.

Manuel has assisted Italian Groups in operation both in Italy and abroad, negotiating corporate joint ventures and cooperation agreements.

Manuel Capurro has a relevant expertise in assisting clients in sectors characterised by a high level of legal and administrative regulation, amongst which the tobacco sector, having assisted over the last fifteen years one of the leading multinational Group operating in the this sector.

Manuel Capurro has also a material experience in commercial litigation, both before Courts and Arbitrators Panels.

Manuel is extremely available to establish a fruitful dialogue with his clients, and he is highly interested in understanding their operational and business peculiarities for providing them with the best possible legal support. Efficiency and operational readiness are a constant feature of his professional approach.

Languages: Italian and English.

Manuel Capurro’s recent publication

L’Amministratore di società: nomina, poteri, responsabilità, emolumenti, cessazione e profili societari. Rapporto tra l’amministratore e la società (teoria organica vs teoria contrattualistica)

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